Startech SATSASBP425-Best Price In India

Backplane Rack Mobile 5.25 Inch to 4 Drives 2.5 SATA / SAS

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Now it’s easy to share drives and improve the storage capacity of your server or computer. This mobile rack backplane enables four SSD or DD SATA or SAS drives to be installed in a single 5.25 “bay, as well as hot-swapping between systems. It is ideal for administrators and system integrators looking for a flexible method of managing the data storage.

Designed for durability and trouble-free use
This mobile rack backplane is designed for protection of your valuable data and reliable performance. The aluminum case is designed for better heat dissipation, while the two 40mm fans improve airflow and minimize heat build-up, as well as ensuring optimal operating temperature.

The 4-bay backplane can be installed vertically or horizontally on your server or desktop

The backplane can be installed vertically or horizontally, to facilitate error-free tray insertion and maximum compatibility with servers or desktops. It is possible to lock the removable steel trays, for a higher level of protection of the units. The NSS connector (“Non-Scratch SATA”, SATA without scratches / friction on the disk) offers a long durability of more than 50,000 inserts, which guarantees long-lasting performance of both the drives and the bay.

Convenient interchangeable drive trays
In many fast-paced environments it is required that the storage units be removed or replaced on a regular basis. The convenient backplane allows fast hot swapping between systems, without the need to power down the device.

Drive trays are interchangeable with the 4-bay and single-bay backplane

The included trays are interchangeable and work with both single-bay (SATSASBP125) and 4-bay backplanes, in order to enable hot swapping between systems and facilitate file access.

Compatible with a wide range of units
Designed for versatile use, the backplane is compatible with a wide range of SATA or SAS based hard drives and SSDs, from 5 to 15mm in height.

To get the most out of your drives, this mobile rack can be used with SAS II and SATA III drives, offering data transfer speeds of up to 6Gbps, when paired with a compatible controller. The backplane also works with your preferred RAID or Hyper Duo ™ controller to provide a high-performance or redundant storage solution.

For administrators and system integrators looking for a flexible approach to data warehouse management
Implement your incremental or off-site backup plan by connecting hot-swappable disk drives to your server or computer
For fast-paced environments where units have to be removed or replaced regularly.

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