Startech S3MHADAP-Best Price In India

MHL Micro USB 5 to 11 Pin Converter Adapter for Samsung

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The Micro USB to MHL adapter, model S3MHADAP, converts the Samsung 11-pin connector to a standard Micro USB 5-pin connector, allowing you to connect 11-pin Samsung mobile devices (S3, S4, Note 2) to a high-definition display. definition or home entertainment system using an MHL cable, such as our passive Micro USB to HDMI MHL cable (3 m, model MHDPMM3M). Or the connection of a device to an HD screen through a 5-pin adapter, such as our MHL adapter converter (MHD2HDF).

Converting a Samsung Micro USB 11-pin female connector to a Micro USB-B 5-pin female connector
Connecting an 11-pin Samsung device (S3, S4, Note 2) to an available MHL HDTV display via a 5-pin Micro USB MHL cable or adapter.

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