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Server Rack Rail Depth Adapter Kit – 2U

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This server rack adapter kit extends or reduces your rack’s two-unit (2U) mounting depth by up to 10cm. This product meets the requirements of the US Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA), which allows government purchases from the GSA Program.

Supports variable team sizes
Install equipment in your server rack that is up to 10cm longer or shorter than the bottom of the rack, thereby increasing the storage capacity of your rack. If you use the 2U Rack Extender in a 2-pole installation, they will have a total weight load capacity of 9kg, as well as 59kg with 4-pole.

Save money
This bottom rail adapter kit allows you to customize your server rack to support multiple mounting bottoms and consolidate your equipment into a single rack to avoid purchasing different size racks.

Easily manage your cables
This Network Equipment Rack Extender Kit also helps you manage your cables. You can install equipment 10cm from the rails to prevent cables from sticking out of the rack. You can install equipment that has bulky cabling to minimize cable strain and facilitate cable access.

We offer a wide selection of products to help you optimize your server rack storage space to improve the efficiency, accessibility and functionality of that space. Backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support from North America.

Customize the bottom of the rack
Offices with limited space.

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