2-Port Gigabit PoE + Extension Extender – 802.3at and 802.3af – 100m

This 2-port Gigabit PoE + extender extends the range of your PoE-powered devices farther, twice the 100-meter limit that a conventional PoE infrastructure allows.

It is now possible to connect two Gigabit PoE devices located within a maximum distance of 200 meters, making it easy to install an access point or remote IP camera when required. Plus, you can daisy chain the extender, for further scaling.

Unlimited PoE + range range, which is more convenient
Do you need a longer reach? This handy two-port PoE + repeater offers the greatest range and flexibility, allowing you to extend your PoE connections up to an additional 100 meters, in addition to supplying 23-watt nominal power to two compatible devices. (Nominal power is shared between each PoE output port.)

Simply connect the extender to your Power Input Equipment (PSE) and PoE powered devices and voila! The extender is 802.3at / af compliant, which means that it works with Power Input Equipment (PSE) such as the POEINJ1G (POEINJ1G) or IES81000POE (IES81000POE) from StarTech.com.

Series connection for greater distance and more flexibility
Do you need even more reach? If an extra 100 meters is not enough, this fully featured and fully featured PoE extender also offers the option of serial connections.

It is very easy to connect four extenders together, which means that two PoE + powered devices can be installed at a distance of up to 500m. It is the perfect solution for companies, academic institutions or wholesale stores. (The power output depends on the number of series connected extenders used.)

Convenient installation options and durable construction
Always be prepared quickly. This 2-Port Gigabit PoE + Extender can be placed where needed, as its wall-mount design does not require an external power adapter.

With its rugged metal case and protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and overloads, this PoE + extender offers reliable performance, without having to worry about interruptions or malfunctions.

Ideal for Wi-FiĀ® wireless access points, IP phones, surveillance cameras and kiosks for which a power connection is not available
Enable remote installation of two PoE + powered devices at a greater distance than conventional PoE allows
Perfect solution for SOHO (small office / home office) users, SMBs, system integrators and IT administrators.

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