Startech MXTHQMM30A

9.1m High Resolution Video Coaxial Cable VGA with Audio – HD15 Male to Male

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The 9.1m VGA Cable with Audio for High Resolution Monitor, model MXTHQMM30A, is a high quality SVGA cable designed to provide the highest quality video available over VGA – a comprehensive cabling solution, to connect both video from a VGA video card to a monitor, such as audio from a sound card to an external audio device.

The High Resolution VGA Cable with Audio from StarTech.com, featuring a high quality male-to-male VGA coaxial cable, is designed to eliminate ghosting and image blur that affects non-coaxial cables. Additionally, this cable provides superior electromagnetic interference protection thanks to its ferrite cores close to the connectors.

The 9.1m VGA Cable with Audio is backed by StarTech.com’s Lifetime Warranty.

Make video and audio connections using a single cable
Ideal for high resolution VGA monitors (1920×1200 and above)

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