Startech MSTMDP123HD

Splitter MST Mini DisplayPort Multiplier to 3 HDMI ports – MST Hub – Multimonitor Adapter – MST Hub DisplayPort 1.2 – 2x 4K 30Hz – 1x 1080p – Video Splitter – Windows

This MST hub allows you to connect three HDMI monitors to your laptop equipped with Mini DisplayPort. MST works on any Windows® compatible DisplayPort 1.2 device, such as Lenovo’s Think Pad® and Microsoft® Surface ™. When the MST hub is connected to earlier versions of DisplayPort, such as DP 1.1, it works as a video multiplier.

Connect additional screens to your Surface Pro 3 computer
Use one screen for reference data as websites, while on the other you do your job
Connect your mDP 1.2 device and add three high-resolution screens to your workstation.

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