Startech MST30C2HDPPD

Dual Monitor USB-C Dock for Windows® with 2.5 ”SATA Bay for SSD / HDD

This dual-monitor USB-C ™ docking station adds valuable backup and data storage to your Windows® laptop, as well as making it easy to create a dual-monitor workstation that supports Alt (alternate) mode. DisplayPort, as well as MST (“Multi-Stream Transport”) functionality.

The USB-C docking station makes it easy to connect your laptop with two DisplayPort displays, a wired network, and three USB 3.0 devices, as well as housing a 2.5 “HDD or SSD bay, all through a single cable. USB-C.


  Ideal for professionals who require multiple sources for external storage or large file backups

  Perfect accessory for USB-C equipped laptops, it supports the backup functions of Windows Backup and similar software programs.

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