Startech MNHD2VGAE2

Adapter Mini HDMI to VGA Video Converter 1080p – 1920×1200 – Active – Cable

The MNHD2VGAE2 Mini HDMI® to VGA Adapter / Converter allows you to actively convert a Mini HDMI® video signal from a digital camera or tablet to a VGA projector or screen. Because it supports 1080p resolutions, this adapter is a very convenient solution for applications that require the ability to view high-definition images. The converter is aimed at users who need to view their presentations, documents, or spreadsheets on a VGA projector or monitor.

The Mini HDMI / VGA adapter offers a compact design and does not require an external power supply, so it guarantees a compact and portable solution that is easy to carry as an accessory.

Connect Mini HDMI-equipped devices such as digital cameras or tablets to a projector or VGA display.


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