Startech MDP2HDMM2MB

2m Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Converter Cable – with 4K 30Hz Video – mDP to HDMI Adapter Cable – MiniDP or Thunderbolt 1/2 for Mac or PC – MiniDP to HDMI Converter Cable

This 2 m Mini DisplayPort® HDMI® Adapter Cable allows a single cable connection from your Microsoft® Surface® Pro, MacBook or Ultrabook ™ laptop equipped with Mini DisplayPort to an HDMI display or projector. This passive adapter supports video resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD, as well as Thunderbolt ™ when connected directly to a compatible DisplayPort I / O port via Thunderbolt.

Connect a computer equipped with Mini DisplayPort to an HDMI display, either in a classroom or on your workstation
Use it for installations in boardrooms or workstations (areas) that require 2 m of cable
Install it on your home workstation so that your computer equipped with DisplayPort is compatible with your HDMI display.

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