Startech MDP2DVIS

Mini DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter – Mini DP Converter – 1920×1200 – Active

The MDP2DVIS Active Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter (single link) allows you to connect your Mini DisplayPort video source to a DVI-D display, including TVs and Apple Cinema Display HD, eliminating the expense of purchasing a monitor with a DisplayPort connection.

Unlike passive adapters, this Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter offers active conversion for use with any Mini DisplayPort output – ideal for graphics cards that do not have the ability to transmit multimode DP ++ signals (eg, ATI Eyefinity).

With support for resolutions up to 1920×1200, this compact design device provides a simple solution for adapting a Mini DisplayPort output from PC or Mac® and thus offer compatibility with monitors, TVs or DVI projectors.

The Mini DP to DVI adapter supports Intel® Thunderbolt ™ when connected directly to a DisplayPort-capable device via a Thunderbolt ™ Input / Output port.

Ideal for digital entertainment centers, home offices, conference rooms and exhibitions
Allows you to use an existing DVI monitor with your new Mini DisplayPort device
Perfect for larger format screens that use high DVI resolutions.

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