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5.25 “to 3.5” Hard Drive Bay with Hot Swap – HotSwap for SATA SAS 3.5 “Backplane SAS SATA Drives

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This removable hard drive hot-swap bay makes it easy to insert and remove 3.5 “SATA or SAS drives from your server or desktop computer, using a 5.25” front drive bay. It has a trayless design that saves installation time and allows you to insert or remove drives as needed, providing a convenient solution for drive maintenance and the ability to exchange data between multiple systems.

Easily hot swap your hard drives
This hot-swap bay / mobile rack solution is ideal for IT professionals such as system administrators or computer operators to quickly swap, replace, or transport drives between multiple systems and locations. With support for both 3.5 “SATA and SAS hard drives, it saves valuable time in environments where storage drives have to be replaced or swapped regularly, such as in server rooms and data centers.

Valuable hard drive protection
This hot-swap bay features a protective backplane with a durable aluminum case with vents to ensure proper air circulation and heat dissipation. To safely store your data, you can use the drive bay lock / lock to prevent unauthorized access to your drive.

Fast data transfers
To maximize the speed and performance of your drives, the mobile rack supports SAS I and II, as well as SATA I, II and III, enabling data transfer speeds of up to 6Gbps, when paired with a compatible controller .

It enables easy hot-swapping of hard drives in environments where drives have to be replaced or swapped on a regular basis, such as in server rooms and data centers.
Ideal for use in industrial or enterprise storage applications, such as data backup, recovery or archiving
For the creation or updating of computer systems of organizations such as government agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), educational institutions, medical facilities and military organizations.

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