Startech HDMMV2M

Premium Certified 2m HDMI 2.0 Cable – HDMI Cable with Ultra HD 4K 60Hz High Speed Ethernet – HDR10, ARC – UHD HDMI Video Cable – for UHD Monitors – M / M

This 2m high speed HDMI 2.0 certified cable supports the daily connection requirements of your HDMI devices. Tested to withstand the most intense wear, this durable cable is a must for business and consumer applications.

Main characteristics of the cable

The aluminum-mylar foil with braided shield improves EMI protection
Long lasting flexible TPE coating & stress relief (TPE is non-toxic & halogen free for environmental sustainability)

Main characteristics of the connector

Gold-plated, corrosion-free connectors ensure superior video quality & greater reliability
Tested to support more than 10,000 inserts

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