Startech HDADFM5IN

12cm cable High speed HDMI adapter – HDMI to Micro HDMI – Female to Male

The HDMI® to Micro HDMI cable, model HDADFM5IN, allows you to use a standard HDMI male to male cable to connect your mobile devices (BlackBerry® PlayBook ™, Smartphones, etc.) to the vast majority of screens on the market.

With a standard HDMI (type A) connector on one end and a Micro HDMI (type D) male on the other, you can easily do this conversion and connect it to PC monitors, HDTVs and HDMI Projectors virtually anywhere.

Simple solution that allows you to connect HDMI® Micro devices, such as your BlackBerry® PlayBook ™ or smartphone, to a screen or HDTV (HD), using a standard HDMI male to male cable.

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