HDMI to VGA Video Converter Adapter – Portable Converter – DB15 – 1920×1200

The HDMI to VGA converter, model HD2VGAMICRO, allows you to connect an HDMI output from an Ultrabook, Chromebook or laptop to a VGA monitor or projector.

In order to ensure compatibility with the Samsung® Chromebook, the HD2VGAMICRO drive has been extensively tested in a wide range of applications, making it the ideal adapter for connecting your Chromebook to any VGA display.

Because it does not require an external power adapter, in addition to its compact design, this portable HDMI to VGA adapter is an ideal accessory to carry in your laptop bag. In addition, this simple converter supports plug-and-play installation, which allows for quick setup and avoids having to obtain software drivers on a computer.

This converter offers the highest video quality, with support for resolutions up to 1920×1200 / 1080p: a practical solution to increase productivity, as it allows you to expand the desktop of a computer to a secondary monitor.

Connecting an HDMI-equipped laptop, Ultrabook, or Chromebook to an external VGA display or projector
In an office boardroom, connecting devices with HDMI available, such as a laptop or an Ultrabook, to a large screen or VGA projector
Increased productivity by expanding a computer desktop to a secondary monitor, doubling the available workspace.

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