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4×4 USB 3.0 Toggle Switch for Peripheral Device Sharing

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This 4×4 USB 3.0 peripheral sharing switch lets you share up to four USB 3.0 peripheral devices between four computers, providing an economical solution for creating a more space-efficient and productive workspace.

Save costs and time thanks to peripheral sharing
Avoid the expense of purchasing duplicate peripherals by sharing devices (such as USB printers, portable hard drives, mouse, and keyboard) with up to four computers. This USB switch also avoids having to switch cables between systems, saving you time and effort.

Fast data transfer speed
Enjoy fast transfers to and from your shared peripheral devices. The USB switch supports USB 3.0 (up to 5Gbps), which means high-bandwidth support for devices such as external hard drives and webcams. The USB 3.0 switch is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1 and works with previous generation devices.

Easy to use
The plug-and-play USB switch is easy to use, requires no drivers or software. It includes a remote port selector that allows you to switch between peripheral devices from one computer to another, with the push of a button. The LED indicator shows the active computer.

The switch’s compact design takes up minimal desk space and is USB-powered.

Share more devices
The 4-port USB switch can also be connected to a USB hub or port replicator to expand the number of shared devices.

Ideal for small business and home office.
Share a USB 3.0 peripheral between up to four computers on a workbench.
Connect an external hard drive between four systems, to merge the data into a single shared drive.

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