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4 Port USB C Hub with Power Adapter – USB Type C Thief to 4 USB A Ports – 10Gbps USB Type C USB 3.1 / 3.2 Gen 2 Hub – Desktop Hub with BC 1.2 Quick Charge Port

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Expand the connectivity of your USB-C equipped laptop with this next-generation USB-C 3.1Gen 2 hub, offering you 10Gbps for compatibility with higher bandwidth of connected devices and faster data transfer speeds. 4-port self-powered USB-C connects to your device’s USB Type-C ™ or Thunderbolt ™ 3 port, adding four USB-A ports, for quick connection of more USB devices.

Easy setup and installation
The compact and lightweight design of the USB-Type-C hub makes it a convenient and portable addition to your laptop. The hub is self-powered and includes a universal power adapter for better compatibility with USB devices such as external storage, which can consume more energy.

The USB-C host cable is not integrated and has an extended length of 1 meter, offering greater flexibility, for greater connection range and easy plug-and-play installations.

For added flexibility and security, the Mini Hub has mounting holes that fit StarTech.com Replicator / Base Brackets, such as SSPMSVESA or SSPMSUDWM.

Connect four USB-A peripheral devices
Thanks to its compatibility with USB-A peripheral devices, this multi-port hub is backward compatible with current and previous generation USB devices. Includes an always-on USB-A fast charging port, supporting two modes of operation:

Data transfer and charging, when the laptop is connected and turned on
Dedicated load or no host, which provides higher load current, when the host is off, in suspend mode or disconnected.
You can connect video capture devices, portable flash memory drives, and external hard drives at fast data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. This 4-port USB Type-C hub enhances your productivity by providing you with the connections you need. while working or traveling / traveling.

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