Startech HB30C3APD

3-Port USB 3.0 Hub with PD Power Delivery – USB-C to 3x USB-A Adapter

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This compact USB 3.0 hub lets you add three USB-A ports to your laptop, supporting USB power delivery. This means that you can power and recharge your laptop through its USB Type-C ™ port, and at the same time supply power to the hub.

With its integrated USB Type-C ™ cable and space-saving design, this versatile hub is a perfect portable solution for connecting devices that require conventional USB Type-A ports to your USB-C or Thunderbolt ™ 3 equipped computer. .

Take it wherever you go
Thanks to its compact and rugged design, you can take this portable USB 3.0 hub with you wherever you go. Since it is compact, it is easy to carry inside your laptop bag, plus it takes up little space on a desk or table when connected to a workstation. For portable applications, the built-in (USB-C) host cable avoids having to remember to carry another cable.

Carry fewer cables and power adapters with you
This USB-C 3.0 hub supports USB 2.0 pass-through power delivery (up to 60 watts) to power and charge your laptop. Now, instead of carrying multiple cables and power adapters, you can use your laptop’s USB-C power adapter to power your laptop and the hub. Using only one power adapter, instead of two, avoids cable clutter and clutter when working.

Connections at a comfortable distance
The 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub includes a built-in USB cable long enough to connect to the USB 3.0 port on your laptop or tablet, regardless of port location. This offers more table or desk placement options, making it easy to create a space-efficient and comfortable workspace.

Add three USB 3.0 ports in seconds
This USB hub is cross-platform compatible, which means that it works with a wide range of laptop models. It also works with various operating systems, such as Windows®, Mac, Linux®, and Chrome OS ™. It installs automatically once you connect it to your laptop, so you’re up and running in seconds.

Simultaneously power both the hub and your laptop using your laptop’s USB-C power adapter
Use the USB-C port on your laptop, Ultrabook ™, Chromebook Pixel ™ or MacBook with port limitation to expand your connection options and add additional USB-A ports
Take the hub with you when you travel / commute, so you can connect virtually any USB peripheral to your laptop wherever you go.

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