Startech DVIVGAMM10

10 ft DVI to VGA Display Monitor Cable

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This 10ft DVI to VGA Monitor Cable features a DVI (analog) male connector and a VGA (High Density D-Sub) male connector, providing a cost-effective way to connect an analog or dual mode Flat Panel Display to a PC or Mac computer with a DVI Analog Video Card .

Expertly designed and constructed of only high quality materials, the 10ft DVI to VGA Monitor cable is backed by StarTech.com’s Lifetime Warranty.

Connects PC/Mac with DVI Analog Video Card to an Analog or Dual-Mode Flat Panel Display

The StarTech.com Advantage
High quality digital DVI cable allows you to send high resolution video to your monitor from 10 feet away
Replace worn-out or missing power cords with this high quality, 10ft DVI to VGA Display Monitor Cable
Backed by StarTech.com’s lifetime warranty.

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