Startech DVISPL1DD

1 ft DVI-D to 2x DVI-D Digital Video Splitter Cable – M/F

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The DVISPL1DD 1ft DVI-D Splitter Cable lets you connect two DVI-D displays, or projectors to a single DVI-D digital video output port on your computer.

Backed by StarTech.com’s lifetime warranty, the DVISPL1DD is a reliable and cost-effective solution for dual DVI monitor configurations.

Output one DVI digital video signal to two DVI-D displays simultaneously
Ideal for use LCD TV, LCD Projectors, Plasma TV, HDTV and DVD Player and set-top box

The StarTech.com Advantage
Ensure a consistent high quality connection
Remove strain from the DVI-D connectors, and reduce the potential of blocking other available ports
Guaranteed reliability.

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