Startech DP2MDPMF3

91cm Cable DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort 1.2 4k Adapter – Male to Female Converter

The DisplayPort ™ to Mini DisplayPort 1.2 adapter cable, model DP2MDPMF3, converts a Mini DisplayPort (male) connector into a standard DisplayPort (male) connector, which facilitates the connection of a monitor equipped with Mini DisplayPort to a laptop that only has a standard DisplayPort output (for example, Toshiba® etc.).

This DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable supports high definition resolutions up to 4k x 2k (3840 x 2160) at 60 Hz, with a maximum HBR2 bandwidth of 21.6 Gbps. It also supports MST (“Multi-Stream”) for serial connection of multiple monitors, as well as optional audio compatibility.

Allows connection of Mini DisplayPort monitors, such as Apple Cinema Display, to computers equipped with standard DisplayPort connections.

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