DisplayPort to HDMI Video Adapter – DP Converter – 1920×1200 – Passive

The DisplayPort HD HDMI® DP2HDMIADAP adapter includes a male DisplayPort port and a female HDMI connector, which allows you to maintain the current image (HDMI) settings and use a DisplayPort source / graphics card.

Since it supports image resolutions up to 1920×1200 (computer) / 1080p (HDTV), it represents an economical solution that maintains the incredible graphics performance offered by DisplayPort, as it avoids having to spend money on upgrading your monitor with HDMI capability to a monitor with Integrated DisplayPort support.

DP2HDMIADAP is a passive adapter cable that requires a DP ++ port (DisplayPort ++), which means that DVI and HDMI signals can also be transferred through the port.

This adapter allows audio transfer if the video source supports it. See the video source manual for such a transfer.

The DisplayPort to HDMI adapter allows you to connect any HDMI display easily and quickly.

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