Startech CMLB104

Horizontal Cable Management Bar – Straight Bar with 10cm Bends for Cable Installation

These installation bars can be configured horizontally at the front or rear of your rack to provide a secure mounting point through which to route cables. You can connect your cables to the installation bars using cable ties to reduce the strain on your cables and prevent damage to the ports on your rack-mountable equipment. The cable installation bars are separated by a space of 10cm, in order to facilitate access to the cables.

Protect your equipment
Cable management bars protect your equipment by distributing the weight of cables in your rack, reducing the constant strain that can occur on your rack equipment ports. Cable routing bars also allow cable routing, which aids in cooling within your rack. This helps ensure that your rack is kept at an optimal temperature, as well as prolonging the durability of your equipment and minimizing or avoiding downtime.

Discreet and robust design
These cable installation bars are made of solid steel and occupy only one third of a rack U at each installation point. The installation bars are designed for horizontal cable routing and are 10cm apart at 75 degrees, allowing you to install cables from the back of your equipment. The solid steel round design ensures high weight capacity, unlike flat installation bars that can be easily bent.

Save on shipping costs
This bundle includes 10 cable installation bars, allowing you to purchase multiple bars in one package. Ideal solution for large-scale deployments, as it significantly reduces both packaging volume and shipping costs.

Save your rackmount equipment ports from having to bear the weight of a tangle of cables
Route your rack cables to keep them organized and allow for passive cooling.

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