Startech CMBRUSH1U

Cable Gland Panel with Brush for 1U Server Rack Cabinet – Comb Wiring Organizer

The CMBRUSH1U Center Brush Cable Management Panel can be mounted in a standard 19-inch 2- or 4-post rack to organize cables while keeping dust and debris out of the rack. This product meets the requirements of the US federal TAA (Trade Agreements Act), which allows government purchases from the GSA Program.

Constructed of high-quality steel and high-density nylon bristles, the 1U brush plate is a visually neat entry point for cables and allows cable routing for easy organization. The brushed panel also allows for adequate airflow through the rack by covering open spaces between equipment.

Easy to install, this cable manager includes a total of 2 sets of rack screws (10/32 and 12/24).

Can be used with server racks and cabinets, structured wire cabinets, and network distribution cables to maintain order and organization.

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