Startech CDP2DPFC

Compact USB-C to DisplayPort 1.4 Adapter – USB C to DP 8K 60Hz / 4K Video Converter with Keychain – USB Dongle Type C DP Alternate Mode (HBR3 HDR DSC) to DP Monitor – TB3 Compatible

This compact USB-C Display to DisplayPort ™ adapter is an ultraportable solution for connecting your laptop or other USB Type-C-equipped device to an 8K or 4K DisplayPort monitor or screen. The adapter is equipped with a removable ring-type keychain that attaches quickly to the bag of your laptop or projector, which offers maximum portability.

For added functionality, this USB-C adapter is also available for Mini DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA outputs.


Connect with almost any DisplayPort 4K or 8K monitor when working in your office or when traveling or traveling
Connect your USB-C tablet or smartphone to a larger screen
Add a secondary monitor to your workstation.

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