Startech CABSHELF116V

1U Vented Shelf Tray for 19 Inch Server Rack Cabinet – 16 Inch Deep – Heavy Duty Steel – 20kg Capacity – Black

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This 1U rack cabinet tray allows you to add 40cm of flat storage space to any EIA-310 compliant rack or cabinet. The shelf has ventilation openings to allow air circulation and dissipate your rack temperatures.

Make sure your equipment is safe
The durable fixed rack shelf accommodates 20kg of equipment and is constructed of SPCC commercial grade cold rolled steel strips.

Make the most of your available space
The 1U cantilever tray makes the best use of your workspace by allowing you to mount your equipment in a rack, rather than taking up space on your desk or on the floor. It is perfect for SoHo work environments (“small office, home office”, small business or home office), server rooms or other places where space is limited.

Customize your settings
You can install the 1U tray with vents in any rack of any height, providing a stable surface to place your non-rack-mountable equipment or to store your tools.

Provide additional storage space for critical hardware and equipment that does not require rack mounting.

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