Startech ARMDUAL30

Support for Two Monitors with Moving Arms – Stackable

The arm for two monitors, model ARMDUAL30, allows you to customize your workspace like never before. Increase your comfort and productivity with a set of two monitors, side by side or stacked. The articulated arms with total movement and height adjustment by means of spring allow you to change the position (vertical or horizontal), as well as the angle of view of your monitor at any time. This product meets the requirements of the TAA agreement (“Trade Agreements Act “, U.S. Federal Trade Agreements Act), which allows government procurement of the GSA Program.

Increase the ergonomics of your workstation, whether in commercial, business, or home office environments
Create an effective configuration with two monitors, for customer service applications, financial analysis, web design, video games, photo editing and other uses
Install your eyelet screens across a desk / table or on top of a server cabinet, placing them where needed.

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