Startech 110VDSLEXT

VDSL2 Ethernet Extender Kit via Single Pair Cable -1km

The VDSL Ethernet Extender Kit, model 110VDSLEXT, allows you to extend your 10/100 network over very long distances (up to 1km), while maintaining high-speed network connectivity, and allowing you to connect through RJ- 45 standard, RJ11 phone lines, or any other single pair wiring kit. The VDSL kit (VDSL2) is simple to install and is a ready-to-use solution, since both the receiver unit and the transmitter are included.

A perfect solution for a wide range of applications including the connection of user groups within the same building or between separate buildings, as well as being able to overcome infrastructure obstacles and distances (for example, old concrete / stone buildings) where to install wiring new is impossible. The VDSL Ethernet LAN Extender Kit helps eliminate expense by allowing the transmission of video and data signals using the same telephone cable pair without interference.

Provides Ethernet over copper cabling to a user or to a network in an isolated site of a building complex or other property
Extends network connectivity in remote areas such as stadiums, auditoriums or other venues
Industrial applications include controlling CNC machinery, data from a counting machine, managing process control equipment, and many other applications in harsh environments.

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