Smart Keeper NL03P1-Best Price in India

Smart Keeper NL03P1-RJ45 Port Lock

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Smart Keeper RJ45 Port Lock 12 NL03P1

RJ45 Port Lock 12EA

The Smart Keeper RJ45 Port Lock is a physical cybersecurity device that prevents unauthorized connection to an unused RJ45 Ethernet port.

Key NOT included

Requires one Smart Keeper Lock Key Basic for removal. Key and locks must be the same color.

  • Easy to Use: It can be installed by hand.
  • Various Patterns: Multiple color patterns are available.
  • All-Purpose Key: A common key can be used to unlock 10 different products within the Essential Series.
  • Enhanced Security: It fully inserts into a network port for enhanced security.
  • First in the Market: Full line-up of innovative physical cybersecurity solution.
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