Satechi ST-MMSHS

Satechi Aluminum Stand Hub Mac Mini with SSD option silver

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The Satechi Aluminum USB Hub for Mac Mini with SSD option makes your Mac Mini even more powerful. The small, yet great device is designed to function as both a charging station and a USB hub, all via just one USB-C cable. The great thing about Satechi products is that they always design their products in such a way that they perfectly match the original Apple products, which is no exception with this USB hub.

– Practical Mac Mini stand and USB hub
– Includes internal SSD enclosure
– Expand your Mac Mini with 6 extra ports
– Sleek and minimalistic design that perfectly matches Apple’s corporate identity
– Integrated ventilation slots
– Dimensions (L x W x D): 19.7 x 19.7 x 1.8 centimeters
– Weight: 300 grams
– 1 x USB-C (5 Gbit/s) for data transfer (does not support video or charging)
– 3 x USB-A 3.0 (5 Gbit/s)
– 1 x MicroSD port (104 Mb/s)
– 1 x SD card port (104 Mb/s)
– 1 x 3.5mm Jack Audio connection

Satechi Aluminum USB Hub for Mac Mini with SSD option silver
Apple released the first Mac Mini in 2018. A beautiful device of course, but there can sometimes be situations that you need more ports or that your ports are difficult to access. You can easily solve that problem with a USB hub like this one. Because the ports of this Satechi are at the front, the ports are easy to reach and connecting, for example, a keyboard or a mouse is done in no time.

Adapter for your Mac with extra SSD space
Extra storage is of course very nice if you work a lot with your Mac Mini and want to get the most out of the possibilities of your Mac. If you work with large files, having a lot of memory is not an unnecessary luxury. Satechi has listened to its users and incorporated internal storage into the housing of the hub, which greatly expands your possibilities with your Mac.

USB Hub for Mac Mini including Micro (SD) card connection
A nice advantage of this USB hub is that it also has both a Micro SD input and a normal SD card input. This is not included on the standard Mac Mini (2018), which can sometimes be inconvenient for those who work a lot with photos and video, and want to use their Mac Mini for that. In addition to the ports for the Micro SD card and the normal SD card, the hub has many extra ports.

Unobtrusive design fits seamlessly with Apple’s corporate identity
Apple designs its products with an eye for style and minimalism. The great thing about Satechi products is that they adopt this style almost perfectly, which ensures that Satechi’s fine accessories fit seamlessly with Apple products. As can be seen in the images, the Hub is completely integrated with the Mac Mini and the hub also ensures that you have a stand for your Mac Mini, as it were.

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