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Pengo USB-C Dock

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Pengo USB-C Dock Station brings endless possibilities for every USB-C device. It brings more functionality and access to your laptop. This dock station has a built-in SD card reader, an HDMI and DisplayPort video adapter for a dual 4K external monitor, audio input and output, Ethernet connector, dual USB-A 3.1 Gen1 ports, and USB-C connector that supports PD charging. The card reader slot supports SD and SDHC / XC memory cards, transfer speeds up to 104 Mbps, for a quick transfer of your photos and videos. The HDMI port and DisplayPort can output 4K UHD high-resolution video (30Hz) as well as multi-channel digital audio, HDCP compliant. Two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports support data transferring up to 5 Gbps to your peripheral devices, allowing easy data transfer and device connection. Delivering 70W of power to all your connected devices, while charging your laptop through USB-C PD up to 60W; charges your laptop/MacBook without jeopardizing any of your connected devices. We’ve put a lot of effort into reducing the dock station size to create more working space area for yourself.







  1. 8 in 1 docking station to facilitate your connections.
  2. Supports 3.0 PD charging via USB-C; capable of providing power up to 60W.**
  3. 70W power adapter provides enough power to support attached peripherals while delivery up to 60W of power to your computer through the compatible Thunderbolt3 cable.
  4. Latest chip with the advanced USB technology to guarantee full speed and the performance of the device.
  5. Aluminum housing design effectively reduces electromagnetic interference.
  6. Rubber friction padding to prevent slipping, sliding, or scratching your table.
  7. SD card reader – supports SD and SDHC / XC memory cards; up to 104MB/s
  8. Dual USB-A 3.1 Gen1 ports – up to 5Gb/s data speed

    * 1 x charging port 5V/900mA, *1 x charging port 2.1A (BC1.2)

  9. USB-C connector – up to 10Gb/s data speed
  10. DP Video Output – DP 1.2 version; up to 4K@30Hz.  Dual monitor up to 1080p @ 60Hz.
  11. HDMI Video Output – HDMI 1.4 version; up to 4k @ 30Hz. Dual monitor up to 1080p @ 60Hz.
  12. Ethernet Slot – RJ-45 10/100/1000Mbps
  13. Audio out / Mic in.  NOTE: You must select the audio output device (Pengo Device or HDMI/DP monitor speaker) from your computer to play your audio accordingly.






DIMENSION 140 x 86 x 24 mm (W x L x H) WEIGHT 270 G
USB TYPE A SLOT x 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1
USB TYPE C Supports PD 3.0
HDMI SLOT HDMI 1.4 version, 4K(30Hz). Dual Monitor up to 1080p(60Hz)
DP SLOT DP 1.2 version, 4K(30Hz). Dual Monitor up to 1080p(60Hz)
ETHERNET SLOT RJ-45 10/100/1000Mbps
ACCESSORIES AC Adapter, USB-C Gen2 Cable
Titanium Gray
Titanium Gray 8RDON-DC2HS5T0PE
EAN Silver 4718009820357
Titanium Gray 4718009820364
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