Oculus Quest 2 VR portabelt headset (64 GB)

Enhance your VR experience with standalone Oculus Quest 2 VR portable headset, which comes equipped with 6GB of RAM and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor. Quest 2 has 64GB of internal storage and built-in speakers.


Enjoy a captivating VR experience with the Oculus Quest 2 VR portable headset. Thanks to its powerful 64GB processor and storage, you don’t need a computer or any tangled cords to connect your headset. Quest 2 offers a resolution of 1832 x 1920 on each eye, ensuring incredible VR quality. Surround yourself with sound
Oculus is serious when it comes to comfort, and the same goes for the game sound.

The headset features built-in speakers with cinematic 3D positioning sound that allow you to hear the sound from all directions.
Oculus Quest 2 features innovative lenses that make colors
crackle. Give your gaming experience vibrant and detailed colour with a wide field of view. The crystal clear image quality and resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels for each eye enhance your gaming experience. New and old worlds
Use Oculus intuitive touch controls to navigate new and old worlds.

Thanks to the inner sensor, the headset can translate any movement into digital space. If you don’t want to use the controls, Quest 2 also has control-free hand tracking. Oculus app Use the
Oculus app and discover the latest VR games, apps, and more even when you’re not in virtual reality.

It helps you set up and customize your device quickly and easily. Oculus Link support
Connect quest 2 portable headset to your computer via a USB-C cable and enjoy all your VR games.

Easy installation
You just need to open your smartphone app and set the input installation to be able to immerse yourself in virtual environments.

The Oculus app, along with Oculus Passthrough and guardian, makes installation easier than ever.

Product VR glasses
Series Quest 2
Model name Oculus 5411628
Adapted to Gaming
Arc color White
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