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Noble Locks TZ33-Noble Wedge Bracket Kit for Dell Latitude 3301 with Barrel Key Lock

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The Noble Locks TZ33 Wedge Bracket Kit is designed specifically for the Dell Latitude 3301 and is paired with the Noble Locks Ultra-Compact TZ03T Wedge Barrel Key Lock. This powerful after-market addition to your Dell Latitude 3301 creates a secure, compliant friendly feature to your laptop that is easy to install. The TZ03T is the most secure physical security solution with the smallest footprint for Dell laptops. The TZ03T weighs only 98g / 3.5oz and stands at a height of 2.8mm to the middle of the lock slot. The custom bracket is designed specifically to fit your Dell Latitude 3301 making the perfect combination.

The TZ33 Wedge Bracket Kit features Noble’s TZ03T Ultra-Compact Wedge Lock patented 7mm inverted cylinder barrel key.

The rotating lock head allows for the TZ03T lock to have 360 degrees of freedom making it easier to lock and unlock. This feature also allows the lock to rotate freely while still secured within the lock slot of the bracket to help prevent theft.

This locking system also includes the patented Noble peripheral cable trap, allowing you to secure your power cables or other peripheral devices.

Noble Locks TZ33 Wedge Lock Security Bracket Kit ships with the Wedge bracket for the Dell Latitude 3301 including screws and tools for assembly, Noble’s TZ03T Ultra-Compact Barrel Keyed Lock, 2 keys, 6′ steel cable, peripheral cable trap and storage pouch.

  • Noble wedge lock head
  • Noble wedge slot
  • The ultimate barrel key system
  • 4 mm hardy steel cable with anchor
  • 360 degrees head rotation
  • Noble peripheral trap

Noble wedge lock head

The patented Noble Wedge Lock Head is designed to meet the security needs of the thinnest, most desirable laptops. The Noble Wedge Lock head slides perfectly into the purposely built wedge slot matching its name. The wedge design grips and protects your laptop like no other.

Noble wedge slot

The wedge security slot design was designed by the engineering experts at Noble and adopted by the industry to solve the height issue of sleeker low-profile laptops. This patented design gives the lock head additional area to grab onto and create a more powerful grip on your equipment deterring theft.

The ultimate barrel key system

Noble Locks has developed and patented the 7 mm inverted cylinder key that allows the lock to be narrower and gives a sleeker profile and greater mobility. Using this tumbler lock technology, it creates a higher standard of security for individuals and IT organizations.

4 mm hardy steel cable with anchor

Braided, intertwined steel cables create a cut-resistant and theft deterrent defense. While the 4 mm thick cable allows for mobility, and is easy to stow and carry. The loop at the end of this 6 ft cable provides additional flexibility to adapt and reinforce

360 degrees head rotation

Not only does the cable spin at every angle allow your laptop to lay flat at all times, but the unique Wedge lock head also rotates adding extra protection if someone tries to snap your lock.

Noble peripheral trap

Secure your charger and other accessories with patented peripheral trap. Run cable of your USB Type C, USB & HDMI accessory cables through the trap before inserting lock into the slot to create a secure environment for all of your technology.


Product Description Noble TZ33 Noble Wedge Bracket Kit – notebook locking kit
Product Type Notebook locking kit
Package Content Carrying pouch, 2 keys, peripheral cable security trap, wedge cable lock, security cable (1.8 m)
Color Silver
Product Material Stainless steel, PVC coated braided steel
Weight 98 g
Features Master keyed, 360° rotation, single lock head, barrel key type, 4 mm Hardy Steel Cable with Anchor
Manufacturer Warranty 2-year warranty
Designed For Dell Latitude 3301
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