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Lantronix Bluetooth Low Energy KIT-Fully pre-configured cellular & Bluetooth LE starter kit for rapid P.O.C.

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Lantronix gateway and BLE sensor development kit is a combination of sensors, gateway, connectivity to get you started with your BLE development or proof of concept before buying or developing an entire system. Working with the FOX3 telematics gateway or SGX 5150 IoT Gateway and a set of BLE tags, this BLE development kit is specifically designed for Real-time Location System and environment monitoring. The pre-configured cellular FOX3 or SGX5150 with a set of BLE Tags capture sensor data such as the presence, identification, temperature, humidity and location of assets, people or vehicles.

  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Open/closed sensor
  • ID tag x 2

Controller and communications:

  • Pre-configured FOX3-3G or SGX 5150
  • Cellular connectivity (from 1 to 1,024 Mbytes)
  • Online platform for data monitoring and alerts
  • VPN server (optional)