Kensington K67720US

USB Port Blocker + Cable Guard – Vertical

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USB lock prevents unauthorized data transfer through USB ports, reducing the risk of data leakage, data theft, computer viruses and malware by physically locking and blocking the USB Ports.
Just plug into the USB port and push the button to lock. No technical experience is necessary.
One USB Cable Guard captures and locks in a USB Cable (for a keyboard or mouse) in a port adjacent to a USB Port Lock
A USB Port Block used with a single USB Port Lock prevents access to adjacent ports with either vertical or horizontal orientation
If you already have encryption software in place, the added layer of physical security is additional insurance against data theft
The USB Cable Guard used with the USB Port Lock allows secured use of an authorized USB device by capturing the device´s cable and locking it into the USB port
Physically protects valuable data without the complication, installation, maintenance, and upgrade costs of software
Stop thieves before the start with a visible sign that you´re being protected

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