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J-Tech Digital JTD0102/4K-HDMI 1X2 Splitter 4K@30Hz

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J-Tech Digital is focused on providing high-quality products that integrate and distribute audio-video content for both residential and commercial markets. Over the last ten years, J-Tech Digital has been a key component in making affordable and high caliber audio-video devices available to consumers across multiple industries including the medical, commercial and residential fields. Join the J-Tech Digital family and see why over 10 million satisfied customers trust J-Tech Digital to provide industry leading technology and excellent customer service.




J-Tech Digital proudly provides this latest generation 2 Ports HDMI 1×2 Powered Splitter Support Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 Resolution & 3D



  • • One HDMI signal in and two HDMI signals out. This is true HDMI 1.4 Certified HDMI Splitter; support/compatible/compliant” to HDMI 1.4.
  • • This is the Most Advanced HDMI 1×2 on the market offered at this incredible price from J-Tech Digital Support Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 Resolution & 3D
  • • The two outputs are independent; it works even when only one display is working.
  •  Supports 3D video (To get 3D, all units connected to the splitter outputs must support 3D)
  • • Supports video color format: deep color to 36bit;
  • • Supports DTS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD;
  • • Supports XvYCc, if your enjoy deep color video, your source and display also need to support it
  • • Supports Blue-Ray/HD-DVD player for 24fs film format;
  • • Supports input cable distance up to 80 ft HDMI AWG26
  • • Supports output cable distance up to 50 ft HDMI AWG26
  • • Supports HDMI signal retiming, no loss of quality


Package Contents:

  • • 1x 1×2 HDMI Splitter
  • • 1x Power Adapter
  • • 1x User Manual
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