Heckler H592-BG

Heckler AV Cart XL
Designed for 75-inch to 98-inch Displays

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Extra screen.
Why settle for a 65-inch screen when you can position a 98-inch screen anywhere? Heckler AV Cart XL is made for some of the largest displays available to enable all-new collaboration possibilities.

Extra strength.
Featuring fully-welded, heavy steel construction, our XL cart will instill confidence and last through several generations of displays.

Extra VESA compatibility.
Are VESA 1000 displays a thing? If they are, you can mount it to Heckler AV Cart XL. This special stand has the broadest VESA compatibility on the market.

Extra space savings.
When the all-hands meetings and corporate-campus celebrations are done, you can store your carts with minimum storage requirements. This cart’s base is carefully designed to nest tightly with its siblings.

Extra ease-of-assembly.
Do not sweat this installation. Quickly and easily ease the display to XL cart’s structure, then secure it in place with the supplied hardware.

Shipping will not cost extra.
We designed Heckler AV Cart XL to ship cheaply via DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Your global deployment costs just decreased.

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