Heckler H583-BG

ADA Camera Mount for Huddly Go & Huddly IQ

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Quickly use your Huddly GO & Huddly IQ cameras with this ADA-capable webcam holder in all huddle rooms of your company, the mount is carefully designed to protrude less than 10cm from the wall so that the mount is safe at any height.

Product information
We know that assembly involves many challenges. The ADA Camera Mount allows you to attach your favorite webcam to almost any surface, upright or upside down.

Every corner. You choose.
Get the best view of yourself for your audience. Install your Huddly GO or Huddly IQ above, below, or on the side of your display, then set the best camera angle, with its patented ball joint you can rotate your webcam in all directions and secure it at the perfect angle.

Cable management.
You have the option to run Huddly’s USB-C cable through the wall without any hassle. You only have to guide the cable through the centimeter large hole on the back, the webcam hides the hole so that it will be out of sight.

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