Heckler H570-BG

Heckler AV Credenza Beautifully executed video conferencing.

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Great video meetings require gear – lots of gear.
Creating and deploying reliable, state-of-the-art
video conferencing systems is a challenge. Then
there’s the challenge of appeasing executives,
facilities managers, ADA, electricians, architects,
furniture specifiers, and interior designers. And
don’t get us started about the project budget and schedule.
Heckler AV Credenza is created from the ground up to impress stakeholders and ease implementation. The result is an attractive platform for years of easy technology upgrades and painless office moves.

Innovation in displays, cameras, microphones, and
computing is advancing at a record pace. Every leap
forward dramatically enhances video meetings but
creates a massive eort for the people who deploy this
technology. Heckler AV Credenza is an attractive platform
to support the rapid deployment of today’s best hardware
and whatever amazing hardware is coming next year, and
the years after that.

Your video conferencing systems are seen by
everyone in your organization – and so are all
the wires and components piled behind the
display. Heckler AV Credenza ends that
madness by providing an attractive place for
all the gear. Not a wire in sight.

All of your hard work is now invested in the
Credenza, not the room – making relocation
and upgrades so much easier. Our included
French cleat and wall-mounting hardware is
all you will need for installation. Easy access
to preexisting 18” AFF power outlets and
network ports from inside of Heckler AV
Credenza will make your task even easier.


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