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AV Credence 6U
Elegant Furniture For Video Conference Meetings

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Great video meetings require gear – lots and lots of gear. Deploying state-of-the-art video conferencing systems is a challenge. Then there’s the challenge of appeasing executives, facilities managers, ADA, electricians, architects, furniture specifiers, and interior designers. Heckler AV Credenza answers these challenges in style.

Beautifully executed video conferencing.
Heckler AV Credenza was created from the ground up to impress stakeholders and ease implementation. The result is an attractive platform for years of easy technology upgrades and painless office moves.

Looks great today, and tomorrow.
Innovation in displays, cameras, microphones, and computing is advancing at a record pace. Every leap forward dramatically enhances video meetings but creates a massive effort for the people who deploy this technology. Heckler AV Credenza is an attractive platform to support the rapid deployment of today’s best hardware and whatever amazing hardware is coming next year, and the years after that.

Designed to be seen.
Your video conferencing systems are seen by everyone in your organization – and so are all the wires and components piled behind the display. Heckler AV Credenza ends that madness by providing an attractive place for all the gear. Not a wire in sight.

Maintain ADA Compliance.
Heckler AV Credenza 6U creates seven inches of ADA-compliant protrusion from floor to ceiling. This means you can safely place large PTZ cameras at eyeline.

Pre-configure off-site.
Why spend a day rigging a room? With Heckler AV Credenza you can load, configure, organize, and test your setups from the comfort of a table in your office. Heckler AV Credenza features hundreds of mounting points and the mounting hardware and Velcro straps you’ll need to secure the gear and tidy the cabling.

Easy installation.
All of your hard work is now invested in the Credenza, not the room – making relocation and upgrades so much easier. Our included French cleat and wall-mounting hardware is all you will need for installation. Easy access to preexisting 18 ”AFF power outlets and network ports from inside AV Credenza will make your task even easier.

Match your rooms.
Via special order, you can select from a wide range of fabrics for your Heckler AV Credenzas – a great way to compliment your video meeting systems with your existing interior design.

Available In Two Sizes
For an even sleeker look, go with Heckler AV Credenza 2U. Don’t let its thinness fool you, there is enough room in Heckler AV Credenza 2U to mount two 1U components, popular compute NUCs, Samsung OneConnect breakout box, and all their wires and power adapters.

Ground Support
Implement Support Kit for AV Credenza to eliminate the need to coordinate with engineers and contractors. Support Kit transfers the weight of your display and credenza from the wall to the floor. No in-wall cabling required – simply anchor AV Credenza in front of a standard wall outlet.

Do Dual Displays
Stand two displays above the floor with Dual Display Kit for AV Credenza. This accessory’s slim profile creates a slim look and maintains your ADA compliance. The result is an impressive video meeting system that everyone can appreciate.

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