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Heckler H234-BG

@Rest – Universal Tablet Mount

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@Rest is suitable for all tablets or iPad’s! This universal table mount from Heckler Design is made of heavy steel and is therefore both visually very appealing and very robust and durable. The @Rest bracket is ideal for video conferences and presentations, among other things.

made of high quality steel and provided with a beautiful finish. Thanks to the adjustable @ rest pens, almost any tablet or iPad fits into this holder. @Rest is also suitable for other digital devices, from the heavier Macbook Pro to the thin Macbook Air.

Chic and robust
Heckler Design has further improved the universal holder, @Rest now has the perfect size for large and small tablets and is significantly cheaper than its predecessor models.

Different angles
The @Rest has angles of 60° and 30° degrees. Use the 60° angle to keep the tablet upright and use it as a wireless music player, for example. The angle of 30 ° is well suited to attach your tablet in landscape format. To find the best angle, just move the pins.

For iPad, Surface or Samsung Tablet
Whether it’s your iPad, Surface or Galaxy tablet, @Rest’s the perfect assistant for virtually any tablet thanks to the adjustable pens. Slide the pens out, determine which of the three strengths is best for your tablet, and simply slide them back in.

no cable clutter
@Rest is also the ideal place to charge your tablet or iPad. The bracket has small grooves at the bottom through which the cable can be guided backwards and out of sight.

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