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Epson Moverio BT-45C AR Smart Glasses

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Experience the future of business productivity with Moverio BT-45C smart glasses. Purpose-built for mission-critical tasks—such as troubleshooting, maintenance, inspection and training—the Moverio BT-45C supports hands-free, “see-what-I-see” collaboration between on-site technicians and remote experts to help enhance efficiency, improve safety and reduce downtime.

Representing a new generation of AR smart glasses from Epson, the Moverio BT-45C features all-new Si-OLED technology, a proprietary optical engine and a binocular see-through Full HD display with a 34° field-of-view to seamlessly integrate digital content with the outside world. With the USB-C interface, the headset can tether to a wide range of compatible Android or Windows® host devices to support an array of applications. Built tough, it offers a robust design—with high shock and dust resistance—to withstand the most demanding and dynamic work environments. And, with an adjustable, padded headband and helmet mounting options, BT-45C can easily fit a variety of frontline work attire and helmet models for added comfort and flexibility.


      • Seamless binocular see-through Full HD display with 34° field-of-view
      • Headband and helmet mounting options to fit a variety of work attire
      • Versatile USB-C interface supports an array of application
      • Robust design with shock and dust resistance

Key Features

  • High visual and audio quality Centred HD 8MP front-facing camera with autofocus and built-in audio
  • Hands-free, wearable display With flip-up design for when the display is not in use
  • Rugged but comfortable A highly robust yet comfortable design with over-the-glasses support
  • Simple and wide connectivity Connects to compatible USB Type-C2 devices with a single cable
  • Proven durability and safety MIL-STD-810H drop test1, IP52 and ANSI Z87.1 compliant



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