Bouncepad C6-W4-PL4-MG-Best Price in India

Bouncepad C6-W4-PL4-MG-Counter 60 SECURE TABLET & IPAD STAND

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The Bouncepad Counter 60 is a secure, freestanding tablet kiosk ergonomically designed for easy interaction when placed on a bar height counter, table or desk. This freestanding enclosure is compatible with iPad, Microsoft and Samsung tablets.




– Secure your tablet within the enclosure using our Lock and Key system.

– Run the charging cable through the inside of your Bouncepad to keep the tablet kiosk powered while being neat & tidy.

– Very stable with minimal footprint all without permanent fixing.

– Easy to move around the countertop.

– No mounting or permanent fixings required.

– Set in portrait or landscape depending on your content.

– Simple and fuss-free installation with clear instruction manual.

– Can be tethered with one of our reinforced cables for extra security.

– Pair your tablet with your card reader for the perfect tablet based POS setup.

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