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Bouncepad BP-EDY-COU-G-Eddy Secure Tablet & iPad POS Stand

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Eddy is our secure, universal tablet and iPad POS stand for style-conscious customers that’s trusted by thousands of businesses around the world.

Designed to be the perfect tablet stand for POS; with its rotating base, adjustable screen angle, cable management features, as well as multiple mounting and security options, the Bouncepad Eddy will ensure your POS counter space is ready for payments all day long.

It is a beautifully designed product that’s constructed from die cast aluminum, and is compatible with all popular consumer tablets.

Pair Eddy with Caddy, our POS Counter Organiser, or checkout our full range of iPad POS Stands.





– Compatible with most 7’’ to 13’’ tablets including all iPads from Mini to Pro 12.9’’.

– Tablet cannot be used in portrait orientation.

– Tilting screen angle allows staff to position as required.

– Eddy jaws can be locked in place to secure your tablet.

– No installation required. Use straight out of the box.

– Cable management keeps your counter tidy and your wires out of the way.

– Rotating base facilitates screen-sharing with customers.

– Durable die-cast aluminium frame ensures Eddy stand the test of time.

– Optional mounting to your desk table or countertop using provided fixings.

– Compatible with the Kensington MicroSaver lock for extra security.

– Freestanding base makes it easy to move around the countertop.



Tech Specs


Tablet Compatibility

This product is compatible with Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets. From the iPad Mini to the iPad Pro 12.9, Eddy caters for tablets big and small. For optimal fit, foam inserts are provided to help secure your tablet firmly between the jaws.

Product dimensions (unpackaged): 290mm x 200mm x 170mm

Weight: 1130g (1.13KG)

Material: Powder coated aluminium / PC-ABS plastic

Compatible tablet sizes:

Thickness: 5.5mm (min) to 8mm (max)

Width:135mm (min) to 220mm (max)

Length: N/A

Disclaimer: Tablets with a width between 135mm and 165mm need to be at least 6mm thick to ensure optimum security. If your tablet size is at the extremes of the dimensions.

Colour options




Cable: is not included

Kensington Lock: is not included

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