Birdrf FH-AV-KIT-Best Price in India

Birdrf FH-AV-KIT-Aviation RF Cable & Antenna Analyzer Kit combining a unique set of components specifically designed for avionics testing and measurement.

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Avoid costly Aircraft on Ground (AOG) downtime with our FlightHawk® RF Aviation Test Kit. This comprehensive kit combines specialized components for avionics testing, including the reliable SiteHawk™ handheld analyzer and Bird’s wideband power sensor. With intuitive software based on aircraft OEM specifications, easily identify and resolve RF cable, connector, and antenna issues. Keep your fleet’s antenna systems in optimal condition and minimize downtime with our efficient Aviation Test Kit.



  • Test RF cables & antennas at the frequency of operation.
  • Locate RF cable, connector & antenna problems at the source.
  • FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometry) measurement method results in a highly reliable assessment of the health of critical components in your system; ultimately providing a “heads-up” before a failure occurs.
  • Fault location or DTF mode plots VSWR or Return Loss levels at each distance point along the cable and antenna system length.
  • Cable Loss function measures insertion loss of the cable system over a given frequency range.
  • OTG USB communication port for connection to Bird power sensors, storage devices and battery charging.
  • Includes the Bird RF Meter App



  • FDR trace of precision return loss vs. frequency.
  • Return loss vs. distance.
  • Voltage standing wave ratio( VSWR).
  • Cable loss and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements.



  • FlightHawk-AV, Cable and Antenna Analyzer
  • 5017D-AV, 100 MHz – 1.3 GHz Wideband Power Sensor
  • 25-T-MN, 25W RF Termination
  • SK-CAL-MN-C6, Calibration Combo
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • 4240-401, Adapter Kit
  • 4240-500-23, Adapter N(M) – SMA(M)
  • 4240-500-10, Adapter N(M) – SMA(F)
  • 4240-443, Avionics Adapter
  • 4240-444, Avionics Adapter
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