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Aver CAM570-Automatic voice tracking webcam for medium- and large conference rooms (open price)

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4K High Definition & Voice Tracking Webcam for
Medium and Large Conference Rooms


The CAM570 is equipped with an automatic voice tracking function with a built-in audio detection sensor. Automatically adjusts the camera position in relation to the direction of the speaker. In addition, a 12x optical lens, a 4K/CMOS sensor, and a motorized PTZ function enable a comfortable web conferencing environment with high-quality video.

When this function is enabled, the camera automatically pans, tilts, and zooms the camera in the direction of the speaker who is speaking, and adjusts the shooting range. (Built-in audio detection sensor detects audio up to 10 meters in a straight line)

The person detection lens at the bottom of the camera detects a person in the conference room. The camera automatically pans, tilts, and zooms to ensure that all people are within range. There is no need to manually adjust the camera position each time a participant enters or leaves the room, and the meeting can run smoothly.

The Smart Gallery feature of the CAM570 automatically crops the face or upper body of each person in the camera image and displays it individually in the gallery. By conveying the facial expressions and reactions of each participant, we support smooth communication over web conferences.

The CAM570 is equipped with two lenses, a PTZ camera lens and an AI lens for human detection, and can simultaneously output images from each lens in PIP format. For example, by displaying “a zoom video of the presenter” and “a full view of the conference room” at the same time, you can deliver the atmosphere and realism of the meeting to the other party.


  • Camera Specifications
    PTZ optical zoom

    • Sony 4K Exmor sensor
    • Frame rate supported: (16:9) 4K 30fps; 1920 x 1080, 1600 x 900, 1280 x 720, 960 x 540, 848 x 480, 800 x 448, 640 x 360, at 60, 30, 15fps; (4:3) 1280 x 960, 800 x 600, 640 x 480 at 60, 30, 15fps
    • Up to 36x zoom*: 12x optical; Digital 3x zoom
    • Lens Field of View (FOV): 90° Diagonal / 82° Horizontal / 52° Vertical
    • Lens Focal Length: 3.4mm (Wide) ~ 40.3mm (Tele)
    • Lens F-number: 1.8 (wide) ~ 3.6 (tele)
    • True WDR: Optimization of light balance in high-contrast environments such as backlighting
    • Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.5m
    • Electric Pan & Tilt Specification: Pan: ±170°; Tilt: +90° (top) -30° (bottom)
    • Number of presets registered: Up to 10 (for remote control), Up to 128 (for RS232)
    • Image Flip

    AI lens for human detection

    • Equipped with a Sony 4K CMOS sensor
    • Frame rate/resolution depends on PTZ camera lens settings
    • Lens viewing angle: Diagonal 95° / Horizontal 78° / Vertical 50°

    *To enable 36x zoom, you need to set it from the PTZApp2 software.
    *Mounting the CAM570 directly on a table is not recommended. The view of the AI lens is obstructed, and the AI-based person detection function malfunctions. The recommended height of the camera installation position is about 1.2~1.5m from the floor.

  • feature
    • Automatic voice tracking: Detects the voice of a person and automatically pans and tilts and zooms the camera to the speaker.
    • Self-video angle adjustment: Automatically detects a person in the video through an AI lens for person detection, and automatically adjusts the shooting range so that the person fits in the video.
    • Preset Auto Call with Voice Detection: Voice triggers allow you to both display a preset area and track people*.
    • Simultaneous output support for 3 systems (USB, HDMI, IP)
    • Camera control with gesture control
    • Picture-in-picture function
    • Highlight individual people in your footage with the Smart Gallery** feature
    • Virtual USB function (via LAN):
    • Works with an external microphone system***. Through Preset Link, automatic voice tracking is supported in conjunction with other companies’ microphone systems (Shure, Sennheiser, Yamaha).

    * Make sure the preset area is within the field of view of the AI lens.
    ** Smart Gallery, Virtual USB Function, and Preset Link settings can be set from the PTZApp2 software.
    *** The CAM570 supports automatic voice tracking in conjunction with an external microphone system. It is possible to build an external microphone system linkage (automatic voice tracking system) using the PTZApp2 software.

  • Connection Terminals
    • USB 3.1 Type-B connector (USB 2.0 backward compatible)
    • 12V/2A power outlet
    • RS232 IN/OUT Mini DIN9 (for camera control)
    • LAN terminal (RJ45)
    • HDMI Output
    • Voice Input

    *To avoid tracking the microphone speaker, connect the line-out terminal of the microphone speaker to the line-in terminal of the CAM570.

  • Audio sensor
    • Audio detection range: approx. 10 m in a straight line, ±60°
    • Equipped with 3 sensors consisting of 4 sensors

    【Note】*The built-in audio sensor is for automatic voice tracking only and cannot be used as a sound collection microphone.

  • Package Contents
    • CAM570
    • Power adapter (3 m)
    • USB 3.1 type-B to type-A cable (3m)
    • Infrared remote control
    • Mini DIN9 to Mini DIN8 to RS232 Adapter
    • HDMI cable (3 m)
    • Brackets and fixing screws for wall mounting
    • QR Code Cards
    • Tripod Screws
    • Drilling paper
  • HDMI/PoE Specifications
    • HDMI 1.3: 1080p 30fps/ 60fps
    • PoE+: 802.3at
  • Video Formats
    • Network Video Compression Format: H.264
    • Network Protocol: RTSP, RTMP
  • USB Specifications
    • USB3.1 Gen1 Type B terminal *USB2.0 backward compatible
    • UVC (USB Video Class) 1.1, UVC1.5*

    *UVC1.5 requires a separate FW upgrade due to a different platform environment. For more information, please contact technical support.

  • Camera Control
    • Infrared control control
    • VISCA/Pelco-P/Pelco-D (via RS232) (128 preset points with VISCA command)
    • Remote side: VISCA over IP, IP (RJ45)
    • UVC plug and play
    • WebUI: Browser IP access via Chrome (Internet Explorer is not supported)
    • OSD Setting: HDMI to monitor output
    • PTZApp 2
  • Power Specifications
    • AC 100V–240V、50/60 Hz
    • Consumption: 12V, 2A
    • PoE+: 802.3 at
  • Free Software
    EZManager 2: Camera Central Management Software

    • You can group FW/SW upgrades, control cameras, and manage settings remotely.

    PTZApp 2

    • Smart Gallery / Virtual USB Streaming / Preset Links
    • View live video, participant metrics, and meeting interval information
    • Enables far-end control of Skype for Business
    • Automatic/manual firmware upgrade capability
    • Controlling the Camera
    • Parameter setting, camera image adjustment
    • Check the operation status and diagnose problems


    • Video Distribution/Annotation/Snapshot/Video Recording
  • Usage environment
    • Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C
    • Operating humidity: 20% to 80%
    • Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C
    • Storage humidity: 20%-80%
  • size
    • Package Dimension: 253(L)*253(W)*271(H)mm
    • Package Weight: 4.8kg
    • Camera body: 170.8 (L) x 190.5 (H) x 173 (D) mm/ 2.1kg
    • Remote control: 200 x 50 x 21mm/90g
  • Optional items for sale
    • Mini DIN 8/D to Sub 9pin Conversion Cable
    • Ceiling Mounts
    • Foldable Display Mount
    • USB2.0 type-B to type-A cable (5 m)
    • USB 3.1 extension cable (10 m/20 m/30 m)
  • Security & Mounting
    • Kensington Anti-Theft Slot
    • 1/4″ inch tripod mounting screw hole
    • camerawith built-in wall-mount
    • Foldable Display Mount
    • Ceiling Suspended Mounts
  • System Requirements
    • Windows® 10/11
    • MacOS 10.14 or later
    • Chromebox 3 version 94.0.4606.114 or later
  • Hardware Specifications
    • 3.2 GHz Intel® Core™ i5-4460 processor
    • 4 GB of RAM or more
    • USB 3.1 port, backward compatible with USB 2.0
  • Product Warranty
    • Camera body: 3 years
    • Accessories: 1 year
  • Supported applications
    • Zoom, Microsoft® Teams, Skype, Skype for Business, Google Meet, RingCentral, BlueJeans , Intel® Unite™, Fuze, Adobe® Connect™, CyberLink, U Meeting®, Cisco WebEx® GoToMeeting™, LiveOn, Microsoft® Lync™,TrueConf, V-Cube, Vidyo, vMix, WebRTC, Wirecast, XSplit
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