Austin Hughes SR Series 1000W-Best Price in India

Austin Hughes SR Series 1000W-Heavy Duty Rack

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UltraRack SR 1012 series rack is specifically designed to deploy Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switches in data center. It provides a complete and optimized infrastructure solution for fully configurated Cisco Nexus 7000.

Additional interior space achieves the clearance requirements for front, rear and sides of the Nexus models. Superior cable management, enhanced framework, diversified air duct and blanking options ensure proper airflow for maintaining Nexus 7000 switches in long-lasting high performance.

The UltraRack SR 1012 racks integrates seamlessly with all Austin Hughes infrastructure equipment, including InfraAisle ContainmentInfraCool Fan Units, InfraPower PDUs, InfraSolution SmartCard handles, InfraGuard environmental sensors, LED Light BarCyberView KVM and LCD drawers. Rack models are available in three heights to match site requirements. Apart from the Cisco Nexus 7000 series, it supports a mix of patch panels and other high-density switches.


Key Highlights

  • Rigid frameworks ( with 2.0 mm steel ) supports up to 1200 kg load capacity
  • 1000 mm width provides sufficient space for managing your switch and cables
  • Perforated rack doors ensure ideal airflow direction
  • Well-engineered to accommodate tool-less mounting PDU x 2
  • Framework allows multi-dimensional cable pathways and numerous efficient cabling options
  • Integral cable management ( Finger Guide / Cable Ring / Cable Tray ) and large pathways for cable routing
  • Top cable entries with brushes allow cables to easily enter or exit the rack
  • Full height cable brushes not only provides air blanking features, but also allows easy cabling and equipment setup
  • Variety airflow duct options perfectly guide the airflow circulation for different Nexus models
  • Easy to deploy and adaptable to Aisle containment to achieve an efficient airflow management
  • Quick release mechanism design for door and split side panel
  • Tool-less adjustment for front and rear 19″ rails
  • Universal-fit platform for multiple brands of servers and 19″ rackmount equipment
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