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ATEN KX9970R-5K DisplayPort KVM over IP Receiver

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The KX9970R 5K DisplayPort KVM over IP receiver is a high performance IP- based Single Display receiver, where the transmitter can transmit a computer’s keyboard, video, mouse, and USB signals to the receiver for providing separate console accesses from both the transmitter’s and receiver’s locations. The setup allows extended access to computer systems via a USB console (USB keyboard, USB mouse, DisplayPort monitor) over Intranet, enabling users to place the computers in secure and temperature-controlled environments, which may be isolated from the user workstation.

The KX9970R support one DisplayPort video display for delivering video resolutions of up to 5K (5120 x 2880 @ 30 Hz), and offer flawless and lossless video quality with extremely low latency. The KX9970R is equipped with one RJ-45 port and two SFP+ slots. 10-Gbps SFP+ fiber module expansions are supported for fiber optic network connections and a transmission distance of up to 10 km. For connection flexibility, both the KX9970 transmitter and receiver models can be connected either directly to each other or via a high-speed network over a copper-based or fiber-based LAN. The KX9970R also features dual power supply capability for power redundancy to ensure reliable services. The KX9970R can be set up at the workstation, mounted onto a wall or at the rear of a rack with its space-saving 0U rack-mount design.

As an IP-based matrix extender, the KX9970R can be installed in flexible configurations, including point to point, point to multipoint, multipoint to point, and multipoint to multipoint. When combined with the KVM over IP Matrix Manager (CCKM), it can be integrated into a KVM over IP matrix system (multipoint-to-multipoint) for providing more flexible applications in different working environments.

By integrating CCKM with KX9970R, IT administrators can benefit from advanced features such as auto detection of all KX9970R devices on the same subnet for the sake of fast installation or configuration, username / password authentication and authorization, and the ability to define different types of connections that can be switched and shared. Security features of the KX9970R include 256-bit AES encryption for secured data transmissions, as well as RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory, TACACS+ for 3rd-party authentication services. In conclusion, the KX9970R is the most cost-effective and convenient way to provide full digital extension for control room applications through a network.

The SFP+ module (2A-141G / 2A-142G) is sold separately. Contact your ATEN dealer for product information.
For the latest list of compatible network switches, please visit: ATEN Support Center for more information.





  • Advanced Features 1
    • Lossless video compression up to 5120 x 2880 including UHD or DCI with zero latency
    • Native DP signal processing with color depth 24, 30, 36 bits
    • Supports Adobe RGB
    • Supports USB isochronous transfer to enable USB camera and USB speaker usage between transmitter and receiver
    • ATEN Matrix Link – allows users to instantly link transmitters and receivers to perform real-time port and profile switching on an iPad
    • Boundless Switching – simply moves the mouse cursor across screen borders to switch between different receivers (Rx)
    • Push and Pull – shares content instantly to/from a single Rx or video wall by just one click
    • Video walls – creates multiple video walls with up to 12 x 12 (144 displays max.) in each layout
    • Advanced Scheduling – improves efficiency and saves costs by allowing connections to be set based on time and date
    • Virtual Transmitter – independently streams video, audio, USB, and serial sources from different Tx
    • Internal and external authentication support – supports LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS and TACACS+
    • Advanced User Authorization Settings – administrators can set up to four access modes on Tx devices for collaboration or prevention of interference among users
    • Configurable user and group permissions for access and control of KX devices
    • Tx grouping of up to 4 sets of KX transmitters to support multi-display applications
    • Rx access control – users at the Tx local console can enable / disable Rx control privilege by simply pressing a control button2

      1. These advanced functions are supported when the KX transmitters are paired with KX receivers and managed by CCKM.
      2. The KVM over IP Access Control Box (2XRT-0015G) is sold separately. Contact your ATEN dealer for product information.


  • Hardware
    • Supports 32:9 ultra-wide resolution
    • Supports DisplayPort video resolutions – up to 5120 x 1440 @ 60 Hz (4:4:4), 5120 x 2880 @ 30 Hz (4:4:4), 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz (4:4:4), 1920 x 1080 @ 240 Hz (4:4:4) (CVT-RB), 2560 x 1440 @ 144 Hz (4:4:4)
    • DisplayPort 1.2
    • Stereo speakers and microphone support
    • High speed USB Storage Transmission support
    • Auto-MDIX – automatically detects cable type
    • Built-in 8 kV / 15 kV ESD protection and 2 kV surge protection
    • Supports power redundancy – KX9970R has 2 DC jacks for power redundancy
    • Supports network failover – 1 RJ-45 & 2 SFP+ slots for network failover to ensure constant availability for mission-critical applications
    • Supports 10-Gbps SFP+ fiber module expansions for up to 10 km*
    • Rack Mountable – Mounting options:
      – 2X-021G Dual Rack Mount Kit
      – 2X-031G Single Rack Mount Kit
    • Includes an industrial-grade power adapter – supports operating temperature of 0-50 °C to ensure durability and adaptability under harsh environmental conditions
      Note: *The SFP+ module (2A-141G / 2A-142G) is sold separately. Contact your ATEN dealer for product information.


  • Management
    • Integration with KVM over IP Matrix Manager (CCKM) – a software enabling easy configurations of all KX devices with an intuitive web-based GUI
    • Dual console operation – controls user’s system from both the transmitter’s and receiver’s keyboard, monitor, and mouse
    • OSD (On Screen Display) – enables configuration of both Tx / Rx devices on the receiver’s display screen
    • EDID Expert™ – selects optimum EDID settings to prevent video compatibility issue caused by different monitors
    • On-screen Preview (Panel Array™ Mode) – allows users to view the video of up to 36 displays on one screen
    • Video Compression Level – allows users to increase / decrease the video quality to adjust for appropriate network bandwidth
    • Command Line Interface – administrators can control all KX devices via RS-232 or Telnet by issuing commands or 3rd-party application
    • Supports Hotkey Commands
    • RS-232 serial ports – allows users to connect to a serial terminal for TextMenu, CLI, or to serial devices such as touch screens and barcode scanners
    • All KX Tx models are compatible to be used with all Rx models


  • Security
    • Dedicated LAN port for KX direct connections – can be isolated from the corporate network
    • Secured data transmission – 256-bit AES encryption for all data being transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver
    • Supports industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol


  • Virtual Media
    • Virtual Media mode enhances data transmission performance, and is ideal for file transfers, OS patching, software installations and diagnostic testing
    • Supports USB 2.0 DVD / CD drives, USB mass storage devices, PC hard drives and ISO images
    • Supports smart card / CAC reader




USB Port 2 x USB Type A Female (White)
Console Ports 2 x USB Type A Female (White)
1 x DisplayPort Female (Black)
1 x Mini Stereo Jack (Green)
1 x Mini Stereo Jack (Pink)
1 x DB-9 Male (Black)
Power 2 x DC Jack (Black)
LAN Ports 1 x RJ-45 (Black)
2 x SFP+ Slot
OSD 1 x Pushbutton
Port (Up) 1 x Pushbutton
Port (Down) 1 x Pushbutton
Reset 1 x Semi-recessed Pushbutton
1000/10000 Mbps 1 (1000: Orange / 10000: Green)
Power 2 (Green)
Local 1 (Green)
Remote 1 (Green)
Keyboard / Mouse USB
Power Consumption DC12V;20.48W;137BTU
Video Resolution Up to 5120 x 2880 @ 30Hz, 5120 x 1440 @ 60Hz, 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz, 2560 x 1440 @ 144hz, 1920 x 1080 @ 240Hz
Operating Temperature 0–50°C
Storage Temperature -20–60°C
Humidity 0–95% RH, Non-condensing
Physical Properties
Housing Metal
Weight 1.38 kg ( 3.04 lb )
Dimensions (L x W x H) 22.60 x 22.40 x 5.30 cm
(8.9 x 8.82 x 2.09 in.)
Note For some of rack mount products, please note that the standard physical dimensions of WxDxH are expressed using a LxWxH format.
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