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Arkon RMVHB2T-Robust Car Dash or Flat Surface VHB Adhesive Mount

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RMVHB2T is a 70mm flexible adhesive mount that features extra-strength 3M VHB adhesive and is compatible with Arkon and other third-party Dual-T phone and tablet holders (sold separately). This package includes an extra-strength adhesive mount base, with Robust Series pedestal and Dual T-Tab head. The bottom of the mount measures 70mm (2.75 inches), and features 8 “petals” that help adhere to slightly curved dashboards or other surfaces. To attach the mount, simply remove the red plastic from the back of the 3M VHB mounting disk, then place and press down on a previously cleaned surface. (Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to cure before securing the base of the mounting pedestal to the center of the disk for best results.) WARNING: Use caution and discretion when adhering RMVHB2T to your car dashboard or other surface. This disk uses 3M VHB adhesive, which is designed to be a PERMANENT solution. Use of this disk may result in permanent adherence to the selected surface. Professional strength solvents or tools may be helpful in removing the adhesive. Arkon is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle or other surface due to the installation of this mounting disk.



  • Adhesive car mount is compatible with Arkon and third-party Dual-T phone and tablet holders
  • Extra-strength adhesive mounting disk features eight “petals” that help adhere to dashboards or slightly curved surfaces
  • 2 year limited warranty