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Arkon GPHD006-Heavy-Duty Wall Mount with Multi-Angle Arm for GoPro HERO Action Cameras

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Arkon’s GPHD006 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Wall Mount for GoPro is compatible with all models of the GoPro HERO action camera, including GoPro HERO10, HERO9, HERO8, MAX, and other models of GoPro HERO. This mount is also compatible with the Garmin VIRB XE. HPHD006 includes an 8 inch Multi-Angle Arm and 4-Hole AMPS Drill Base, which is designed for installations where mounting a GoPro to a wall or other surface (including car dashboards) is desired. The GoPro mount base uses a 4-Hole AMPS pattern to attach to the wall (screws are included) or other surface. (Formerly an industry standard, the 4-Hole AMPS pattern consists of four holes located in a rectangular pattern spaced at 1.188 by 1.813 inches.) The GPHD006 includes a mounting bolt for attaching the GoPro HERO. This sturdy 8 inch mount features three adjustment knobs at 2.5 inch intervals on the mount arm for easy positioning. Two additional 180-degree adjustment points at the top and bottom of the mount provide additional flexibility in positioning the GoPro. This versatile wall mount can easily capture photos or video.


  • Fits all models of GoPro HERO cameras including GoPro HERO10 and HERO9
  • Ideal for mounting a GoPro to a wall or other flat surface
  • Multi-angle mount arm features three adjustment knobs and two additional adjustment points provide 180-degree rotation
  • 2 year limited warranty
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