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Arkon CMP227-Bike or Motorcycle Handlebar Camera Mount for Canon Sony Samsung Panasonic Nikon Cameras

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Arkon’s CMP227 bicycle or motorcycle handlebar mount holds small digital cameras having the standard 1/4”- 20 camera pattern, including cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Contour, JVC, Fujifilm, Samsung, Olympus, and Panasonic. This mount includes Arkon’s Handlebar Mount with a 1/4”- 20 camera bolt. The mount fits on most straight, drop, trekking, touring, and standard bicycle or motorcycle handlebars measuring up to 33mm in diameter and is easy to install with a Phillips screwdriver. (Three handlebar spacer/adapter rings of different widths are also included with the mount. Choose the appropriate size width for optimum fit to your handlebar.) In addition to mounting on Harley Davidson, BMW, Suzuki, or other motorcycle brands, the mount can also be used on boat helms, golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles, hang gliders, or other apparatus with cylindrical posts or frames. To install the camera, just screw it onto the mount and secure it with the tightening ring. The mount’s swivel ball adapter head rotates 360 degrees, providing the ultimate flexibility in viewing the camera from any angle. It’s a versatile camera mount you can use to easily capture photos or video on your motorcycle or bicycle ride.



  • Handlebar mount is ideal for small digital cameras with the 1/4 inch 20 mounting pattern
  • Mount fits on bicycle motorcycle or other handlebars measuring up to 33mm in diameter
  • Easy to install with Phillips screwdriver
  • 2 year limited warranty